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Whether you are looking for a more natural look or a full volume look for lash extensions, I can design a look specifically for your eye shape. Lash lifts are the perfect treatment for those that do not want extensions, want less maintenance or are allergic to the lash extension adhesive. I can help you decide which one is right for you!

Lash extension application and lash lift treatments are both completely pain free. You will have your eyes closed for 45 min to 3.5 hours depending on which service you desire. Lash naps are encouraged when receiving lash extension applications! I always have one when I get my lashes done…

Eyelash Extensions last up to 6 weeks depending on lash growth cycle and how they are cared for. Lash cycles are 60-90 days so some lashes may last much longer while others are ready to fall out. Individual lashes are glued to your real lashes and typically fall off as you naturally lose a lash. This means you can have natural (or not) looking lashes that require little maintenance and no mascara. Fills recommended at 2-3 weeks to keep them looking full.

I specialize in Volume Lashes and Lash Lift + Tint services. All lash services are done in studio only at this time. Studio is located in the Cloverdale area of Surrey.

Proud to offer all natural and organic, cruelty free and vegan before and aftercare products for all lash services.



This set of volume lashes has 3-4 light weight lashes adhered to each individual lash for a more voluminous look yet can still look very natural. The shorter the lash extensions, the more dense the look you will achieve. Lengths are typically chosen based on what your natural lash can safely handle while keeping your desired look in mind. This set would be similar to a Russian Volume which is all shorter lengths for more density.

5-8D volume lash extensions

This set is also similar to what you may know as a mega volume set but a little lighter. 5-8 super light weight lashes are adhered to each individual lash for a more extreme dense and voluminous look. Again, lengths are chosen based on what your natural lash can handle while keeping your desired look in mind. You must be able to lie on your back comfortably for up to 3.5 hours for a full set.


A lash lift is simply a lift of your natural lashes, much like using a lash curler but better. This treatment lasts 6-8 weeks before it's time for a new lift due to the lash growth cycle of your natural lashes. Each lift is finished off with a tint unless declined. The tint will last approx 4-5 weeks before fading and a re-tint is possible in between lifts. This service requires very little maintenance and restrictions making it great for the more low maintenance individuals.

Client reviews

What people say?

I went and got my eyelash extensions for the first time and I decided to be bold and get the volume lashes. Steph made the process easy and comfortable I was so well relaxed the atmosphere was great and my eyelashes have never looked amazing!! I’ll keep coming back and the skin care oil free cleanser that you can buy from here is amazing made my face feel fantastic compared to other cleansers I’ve tried.
Christine Galligan
I had a lash lift done by Stef a few weeks ago now. I absolutely love the results. For the first time ever, I've been able to go to events with no mascara on cause my lashes look so good without. I've got more time for extra cuddles in the morning cause I have less thing to worry about or apply. Highly recommend it. Stef is such a sweetheart and the results are amazing!!
Janette Shearer

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