Lash extensions do not damage the lash when applied correctly. They should only be glued to 1 of your natural lashes and will fall off naturally when that lash has ended its cycle. Lashes have a growth cycle of 60-90 days. The average person has approximately 90-150 lashes per eye on the top and approximately 80 on the bottom. We lose about 2-5 lashes per day which is why lash extension fills are recommended around the 3rd week (give or take). As long as they have been applied properly and safely, you can continue to get infills without having to remove after a few fills and take a break or get a fresh full set again.

You will notice your lashes falling out more only because you now have a longer, thicker lash attached to it whereas you might not otherwise notice it fall out. Don’t be alarmed if you lose a few on the first few days, they may not have bonded properly to the lash or they may be at the end of their cycle. Be sure to mention it to your lash artist if it seems like a significant amount within the first week.

Certain medications can cause you to have adverse reactions to the glue or lash extensions may not last as long. Be sure to mention to your lash artist if you are currently taking any medications. If you have any eye conditions, you may be denied lash services permanently or temporarily.

Foamy cleansers are best as they are water based and get in between the lashes really well. I sell 2 kinds in studio and in my online shop at scobeautygrp.ca.

The treatment manipulates the lash structure to curl from the root unlike lash perms that curl the middle of the lash. It creates a look as if you used a lash curler on your lashes. During the treatment, I also tint the lashes and for many that aren’t big makeup wearers to begin with, it’s the perfect way to add some pop to the eyes with little maintenance!

Yes, after 24 hours you have only 1 restriction which is no water proof mascara. However, excessive rubbing of the eyelashes may cause pre-mature loss of curl due to the oils in our skin.

Technically, the bond time for the glue is approx 6 weeks (varies depending on brand but this is average). Since we are losing 2-5 lashes per day due to the lash growth cycle, fills are recommended at around 3 weeks to keep them full. Some can go longer while others may need to come in sooner. This can vary due to lash growth cycle speed, medications, lifestyle, desired look.

Yes but you must wait 48 hours post lash lift treatment. You can get lash extensions right after a tint though if there was no lift.

No it should not as long as none of the product gets in the eye. I am extremely careful when applying the tint to ensure this does not happen. Sterile eye wash is always kept on hand in case of any irritation.

Yes! After 24 hours, the only restriction you have is no water proof mascara. The reason, since the lash lift treatment can be dehydrating to the lashes and waterproof mascara is quite drying, you risk breaking your lashes.

After 24 hours post lash lift treatment, yes. With lash extensions, it is not recommended as it may break the bond of the glue and cause them to fall out prematurely.

Yes you MUST clean them every day! Many years ago, it was taught to not get them wet and they will last longer, well science has come a long way since then and we have realized that we must clean that area everyday. If you don’t, gunk, dirt, makeup, etc., build up and may cause an infection in the eye area (let’s try and avoid that k?!).

It is highly recommended that you wash them daily or every other day. Using a water based cleanser is best, I love foamy cleansers and sell them in studio. Always be sure to gently pat with a towel then brush them out so they do not dry stuck together. You will be supplied with a lash comb after every application.

For lash extensions, it is best to avoid any products with oils in them as they can break down the adhesive used and cause lash extension to fall prematurely. If you must wear mascara in between fills if you let it go too long, do not apply to the root and cleanse well at night. For eyeliner, it’s best to use a powder eyeshadow mixed with water and apply with an angle brush. For lash lift, you can treat your lashes as normal after 24 hours. If you are going to wear makeup with extensions, be sure to cleanse them well each night! Clean lashes = healthy lashes and better retention.

Contact your doctor immediately and let your lash artist know you have had a reaction and are going to the doctor.
If your reaction occurs during treatment, sterile eye wash is kept on hand at my station to quickly wash the eyes out.

Patch tests are available if you are typically really sensitive or have a big event coming up. We don’t want to take the chance if your wedding is a few days post treatment!

Contact your doctor immediately and let your lash artist know you have had a reaction and are going to see your doctor. Typically, it is best to wait until the reaction has calmed prior to removal as the removal gel may cause further irritation. You must have seen your doctor prior to removal.

If the symptoms are minor, the reaction may disappear after 48-72 hours and is considered a sensitivity. In more severe cases, it will not go away and could continue to get worse.

Symptoms include (but not limited to): redness, puffiness, soreness, tears.

Patch tests are available if you are typically really sensitive or have a big event coming up. We don’t want to take the chance if your wedding is a few days post treatment!

The lash lift will last 6-8 weeks depending on the speed of your lash growth cycle. At this point, most of your lashes have grown out and new ones have come in. The tint will last 3-5 weeks.

Yes, it is recommended you remove them prior to any lash service

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